Wednesday, May 13, 2009


An altar is place were sacrifice are been offered. Matt. 5:23 explain about bringing gifts to the Altar and sacrificing unto God. 1st Kings 1:3.

But you should know that there are two types of altar, Psalms 118:27. The Burnt Offerings Alta and the Altar of Incense and also your body, as living sacrifice unto God.

Read 1st Kings 3: 1 – 5.

There was a separate altar for incense burnt in high places and also an altar for burnt offerings in those days.

But what we need to know is this, in today’s world of Christianity, how do we locate the altar of God in us or raise the altar of God in us, as the word of God says, your body is the temple of God, do not defy it.

So apart from the altar on which, we call the pulpit and the Pastor stands to preach the word of God, you should have the understanding that raising a Godly altar unto God today is not by sacrificing ramps, goats, sheep or by the burning of incense.

Because Christ was the last and great and ultimate sacrifice for our sins, so for us now to raise a Godly altar we should know that it has to be this.

1. Your body is the temple of God, which is the Holy Sacrifice acceptable by God, so keep it Holy. Psalms 50:5

2. Sacrifice of Praise Unto God. Heb 13: 15.

And many others forms of praising God and thanking with Thanksgiving these are the sacrifice we should do to day Unto God to raise a Godly Altar in Us.

This would give us Grace for our eyes to be Open for greater things to come in our lives.

For were the vision is clear, the journey is faster. But were Vision is blur the journey is slow. Peace Be Unto You.

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